Monkeypox Disease and Treatment : What You Need to Know

Monkeypox Disease and Treatment

Know everything about Monkeypox disease, symptoms and treatment, Monkeypox Disease and Treatment: In 2002, a New World monkey, a species of small monkeys found in Central and South America, was discovered to have contracted the same strain of pox that affects humans as variola. This new strain of pox was named Monkeypox because it is … Read more

Depression in Women Health: How to Spot the Signs

depression in women health

Don’t Ignore the Signs of depression in women health   Women experience depression at the same rate as men. But because of social expectations, gender roles, and other factors specific to women, this type of depression often goes undetected. Recognizing the signs of depression in women health is crucial. Left untreated, it can have devastating … Read more

Everything you need to know Paleo diet

Paleo Diet

In today’s time, fitness has become their first priority for people, not only about looks but also about good health and healthy life. Everyone wants to look fit and slim. Being obese can also lead to many diseases in the future. For weight loss, people follow many activities and different types of diet plans like … Read more