Easy ice cubes beauty tips for glowing skin

Busy with Diwali preparations or don’t have enough time for skincare/facials? But do you want an instant glow? Don’t worry! Here’s how you can get an instant glow this Diwali with a few beauty tips for glowing skin. We spend hundreds of bucks on skin care products, and we often overlook the little things that are useful for our skin while sitting at home or, more specifically, in our refrigerator.

beauty tips for glowing skin

5 Reasons to Use Ice Cubes for Glowing Skin


There are tons of beauty hacks out there, but one of the most common and simplest ones that anyone can try at home is using ice cubes as an exfoliator for glowing skin. While you might be tempted to just freeze water in an ice cube tray and rub them on your face to take off makeup and dead skin, it’s actually not that simple to do it right! To get the best results from these ice cubes, make sure to follow these 5 tips to ensure they work as effectively as possible.


1) Ice Cubes Tighten Pores

Ice cubes have been scientifically proven to tighten pores. When ice is put on your skin, it pulls the skin tighter and closes pores. This can lead to less blemishes from trapped dirt and oil. A study found that applying ice cubes tightened pores by over 3% in just 10 minutes. The longer the ice is applied, the more tight the skin will become (it works like a vacuum). To use ice cubes for glowing skin, place some water in a bowl or small plate and wait until it’s partially frozen (usually about half an hour). Then remove any excess ice from the side of the block and apply it on your face with a cube-shaped sponge or pack, if you don’t have one available.


2) Ice Cubes Soothe Sunburns

Ice cubes are a great way to cool off, but they can also be used on sunburns. Place an ice cube in a plastic bag and place it on the burned area. This will help ease the pain and help prevent the peeling of the skin. You can also place ice cubes in a zip-lock bag and freeze them before use. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to try using frozen vegetables that have been cut into small pieces or crushed ice instead of ice cubes.


3) Ice Cubes Reduce Redness and Inflammation

While cold or ice packs are generally used on bruises or injuries, there are some other unexpected benefits. For example, rubbing an ice cube on your skin before heading outdoors can reduce inflammation and redness.

It may be as easy as using ice cubes for glowing skin if you have rosacea, eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, or any condition that causes the appearance of redness and inflammation in the skin. Plus this method is both less expensive than medical options and more convenient than office visits.

If you suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (or dark spots caused by scars), applying ice cubes two to three times a day can speed up healing by minimizing melanin production.


5) Ice Cubes Wake You Up

Staying hydrated is key, but if you’re not feeling up to the task of drinking water this morning, try adding ice cubes to your beauty routine. From making a frozen body scrub (a topical way of hydrating) to spritzing iced tea on your face (refreshing and anti-inflammatory), there are so many ways you can enjoy cooling down with ice. To help get your summer glow going, here are five reasons why we should all be using ice cubes for glowing skin:

*It’s refreshing: The temperature change might wake you up in the morning and give you an early pick-me-up!


4) Ice Cubes Brighten Skin

A lot of people don’t think about their skin because it seems so far away in the future, but taking care of your skin now is one way you can have glowing skin later. One way you can take care of your skin today is by adding ice cubes to your skincare routine. Here are five reasons you should use ice cubes for glowing skin:

-Some types of skincare treatments require that you wait several minutes after application before rinsing the product off with water. Applying a water rinse during this time will not remove all the product from your skin.

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